January Newsletter

Greetings Beloved and a Blessed 2004! May you prosper in God and be faithful to the call!

The year of 2003 passed by quickly, another sign that this is truly our last days. We continue to reach souls through Father’s love as never before and pray you are doing the same. We thank those of […]

The Passion of the Christ

“Dying was His reason for living” Is. 53:5 […]

MLK Day Parade

Again this year we will participate in the Martin Luther King, Jr. parade here in Jacksonville. The parade will kick off at 10:45 AM at Jefferson and Waters St. It will end around 11:45 AM at the Jacksonville Fairgrounds.

We will be handing out Father’s Love Letter to all. We will also be giving out […]

Father’s Love Letter Files

The Jacksonville versions of FLL and Powerpoint Presentation are now available. Also download the sound file.

There are three files to download. To have the music and sound play along with the presentation, make sure to Save all the files to the same folder.

FLL Original Inside (Word doc, 27.5 KB)

FatherLovesTheWorldPresentation III (PowerPoint, 5.4 […]