Eternal Life

God is a loving Father, who sent His only Son Jesus, to be a ransom for us; taking our place! Jesus made the way for us to return back to our Father; through His death and resurrection! Our acceptance of this sacrifice and welcoming Jesus into our heart makes us a part of God’s very big family! When we do so, He resides in us! We have lots of brothers and sisters! The Bible will come alive through Holy Spirit; He guides us into all Truth. He is part of the Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

As you realize His outrageous, unconditional Love for you and receive this Love, change will come and you’ll live loved! Father God longs to Father you; and be ‘the’ Father to the fatherless places within you! We hope you will pray this prayer below and join us on this adventure with our Father God!

Father, thank You for loving me so much, that You sent Your only Son, who You deeply love, to rescue me, purchasing my freedom back for me.  And though you knew the final outcome of the resurrection of Jesus, You endured the severe pain, suffering and rejection, along with Your Son, Jesus.

Father, You observed innocence, become guilt and shame instead; so that I can now approach You as if I am innocent because of the actions of Jesus at the cross; His death and resurrection on the third day!

I am truly grateful to You Jesus for enduring such abuse for me and I am overwhelmed with Your goodness, and Your passion for me and for Your strength!

I accept and receive this Love into my heart; and I am swallowed up in Your love for me! You are the door to my salvation, giving me eternal life and the way to my destination in Father’s heart.

Thank You for this gracious gift You purchased for me, reconciling me to our Father; restoring all things, so that we can be a family once again!

Father, this is brilliant! I am now free to live the life you gave to me, empowering me through grace.  Now fill me with Your Holy Spirit!  Thank You!