FLL for Halloween

image   imageDon’t Forget to Get Your Free Download of Father’s Love Letter to Give Out This Week!

Father’s Love Letters are a great treat to hand out with candy, when shopping for the candy, at festivals and during this week. Remember at all times and in all seasons, Father is pouring His love into our hearts through Holy Spirit. Father’s Love Letter captures the expression of that love through scriptures. It’s a great ministry tool. There are two views as pictured to the left as well as the original. (Located on the resource page under the first and last categories.)

Several scriptures come to mind that apply during the season!

This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! The enemy always takes what God has made and twists it for evil.

We are in the world and not of it…we are the salt and the light…let His light shine through you into the darkness, and show them ‘The Way!’

Easy Instructions:  There are two documents to download to create a quarter-folded card. Print the selected outside version, preferably on a good quality, 24 lb. paper. Then place it back into the printer, in the right direction, to print the inside (the text of the love letter), creating a two-sided document; and then fold in half and in half again, to form a greeting card for your encounters with various people, family, neighbors and friends.

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