The Forgotten Feminine

‘The Forgotten Feminine’ by Denise Jordan

New Book Release

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In The Forgotten Feminine, Denise Jordan, of Fatherheart Ministries, Taupo, New Zealand, offers a prophetic perspective that has long been forgotten in the history of Christianity. She clearly and passionately presents the fuller understanding that God is […]

Love Letters for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

The Father’s Love Letter Version for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, is Available for Free Download!

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is one of three USA federal holidays to commemorate an individual. This year is falls on Monday, January 20, 2014. His quotes are most remembered because he lived by them.  The Martin Luther King […]

Father’s Love Letters for Christmas

Merry Christmas! These and many other versions of Father’s Love Letter…

Available For Free Download ~ Instructions: The first page, of this two-sided document is the outside. The second page is the inside and the actual text of the letter, with 57 scriptures of Father God’s love for us, affirming us as His beloved […]

See You At The Pole

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Annual prayer time before school at the flag pole is this Wednesday, September 25th. This must be student led, therefore parents and students can tell others and encourage their friends to participate. Most people are meeting about 30 minutes before school at the school flag pole.

Download the specially designed […]

Father’s Love Letter for Vets!

Father Loves You and Loving You Even Now!

And Father Loves The Veterans!

Father’s Love Letters for local events and holidays are found on the resource page.

To Download Father’s Love Letter to give to veterans :

The first page, of this two-sided document is the outside. The inside is the actual text of […]

Father’s Love Letters For All!

Father Loves You and Loving You Even Now!

Father’s Love Letters for those who serve in Lawn Care, Home Maintenance, on the Car, Dental and more.

No matter the vocation or walk of life, Father created us all in His image; we are His and He loves us!

Download Father’s […]

Valentine Love Letters

You Are Outrageously Loved!

These are two of the five specially designed Valentine versions of Father’s Love Letter, that are available for free download by clicking on the view to the left, the others are on the Resource Page. Give one to your co-workers, friends, family members and others. If you give gifts of flowers, […]