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Father’s Love Letter and Other Resources

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Song of Angels, Book and Compact=

Song of Angels…..Now $12 (plus SH)

Ascend into heavenly realms and experience encounters with God as you listen to Freddy Hayler and read from the pages of this book (CD included)

The  Father’s Love Letter CDs  … $5 each (SH)                     

The Father’s Love Letter DVDs…$9 each (plus SH)


Devotional Gift BookThe Father’s Love Letter Devotional Book by Barry Adams….Now  $9 (plus SH)

A full-color Gift Book containing 57 devotional thoughts, followed by a prayer.




Parchment Poster

11″ x 17″ Parchment Poster of Father’s Love Letter

Now $5 each (plus SH)

Printed on ivory parchment card stock and suitable for you to frame, with

or without a mat.



The 11″ x 17″ Parchment Poster of Father’s Love Letter, framed for you, without a mat, in a black wooden frame, under glass. 

Now Available for $35 each (plus SH)





Giving the Gift of Love, Every Where and In Every Way, That None Should Perish!

These resource materials are excellent ministry tools in family restoration and assisting pastors and ministries in strengthening the body.

‘My Child, I Love You’ and ‘Outreach Manual, Compelled By Love’ and ‘Father and Mother Blessings’ are also available for personal and group study.


(Other Versions for Free Download On This Site Are Designed for Various Events, Holidays, Vocations, and More. We want to thank Barry Adams, the creator of Father’s Love Letter, for permission to create these special designs. The original text is ‘never’ altered! ) 

Orders are Shipped Only in the USA…Thank You For Your Support!



All our downloadable articles are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Save to your computer to print at any time; instructions below.

Free Download of two-sided, quarter folded Father’s Love Letter cards to give at any time of year, for special occasions, at events, and to people of all ages and in various walks of life:

Suggested use of Father’s Love Letter: Give out to anyone serving you when shopping, working out, eating out, wherever you spend the day. Also, put one into the postage paid envelopes that come with advertisements, to your home or business.


Click on the image, to the far left, below, to download the Original Father’s Love Letter, outside and inside.  For the Text to use with all versions, click here.  There are also two color versions of the text, to go with those given to children or adults; both located below these images.

FLL original pdf     Lifesaver pop Color.pdf Valentine color.pdf Christmas FLL color.pdf NDP.pdf

(The Theme for National Day of Prayer Changes Each Year and the FLL is Updated at That Time or by contacting us directly.)

FLL Inside Red pdf (For Use with the Color Versions of Father’s Love Letter)

 FLL Children’s (For Use With Versions for Children or as a Poster.)  Printing Instructions: When printing the children’s Adobe Acrobat file, make sure that the “Page Scaling” option on your printer is set to ‘fit to page’ or ‘scale to page’ when printing. This will allow this 11″x17″ poster to be printed in both 8.5 x 11 and A4 formats.

Easy Instructions to Create a Quarter-folded Card: 1) Print the selected outside version, preferably on a good quality, 24 lb. paper.  2) Place it back into the printer, in the correct direction, to print the text, (the inside), creating a two-sided document and 3) Quarter-fold, folding in half and in half again, for your greeting card. To mail, place into a matching envelope, available in many stores.

Or, you may choose to print only the inside text of the Father’s Love Letter, printing onto one side. Then fold as you would a standard letter and put into a #10 matching envelope.

Father’s Love Letter Versions for Holidays:

FLL New Year’s Day.pdf | FLL Martin Luther King, Jr Day.pdf | FLL HappyValentine.pdf |

FLL Happy Valentine’s Day.pdfFLL Valentine B&W.pdf | FLL Valentine Color.pdf  |

FLL Valentine Key.pdf | FLL Valentine Scroll.pdf | FLL Valentine Children.pdf | FLL St. Patrick’s Day.pdf |

FLL Resurrection Day (Easter).pdf FLL National Day of Prayer.pdf | FLL Memorial Day.pdf |

FLL Mother’s Day.pdf | FLL Father’s Day.pdf | FLL July 4th.pdf |

FLL See You At ThePoleColor.pdf | FLL See You At The Pole B&W.pdfFLL Veteran’sDay.pdf |

FLL Halloween.pdf FLL Thanksgiving Color. pdfFLL Thanksgiving Black & White. pdf |

FLL ThanksgivingGobbler.pdfFLL Thanksgiving Spanish.pdf with FLL Spanish text.pdf |

FLL Christmas.pdf | FLL Christmas Candy Cane.pdf | FLL Christmas Candy Cane Heart.pdf |

FLL Christmas Cross.pdf | FLL Christmas Birthday for Jesus.pdf | FLL Christmas Joy.pdf |

FLL Christmas Kneeling Santa.pdfFLL Christmas Gift.pdf | FLL Christmas Ornament.pdf |

FLL Christmas Poinsettia.pdfFLL Christmas Season.pdfFLL Christmas Tree.pdf |

FLL Christmas 12 Days of Christmas.pdf FLL Christmas Wrapped Gift.pdf |

FLL Season’s Greeting.pdf |

Father’s Love Letter Versions for Various City-Wide Events:

FLL Bethlehem Visit.pdfFLL Circus.pdf | FLL Fair.pdf | FLL Fall Festival.pdf |

FLL Harvest Fest New Life.pdfFLL Jazz Festival.pdf | FLL Kingfish Tournament.pdf |

FLL Kingfish Tournament2.pdf  | FLL Murray Hill Theatre.pdf |

FLL Ride N Pray.pdf | FLL TPC.pdf | FLL The Ten Cent Sale.pdf| FLL Thrift/Garage Sale B&W.pdf |

FLL Thrift/Garage Sale Color.pdf | FLL World of Nations.pdf |


Father’s Love Letter Versions for Vocations/Talents/Sports:

FLL Artist B & W .pdf | FLL Artist Color.pdf | FLL AttorneyJudge.pdfFLL Auto Mechanic.pdf |

FLL Basketball.pdf | FLL Clown B&W.pdf FLL Clown Color.pdf | FLL Construction Worker.pdf

FLL Dental.pdfFLL Dental B&W.pdfFLL Fireman.pdf | FLL Football.pdf | FLL Golfer.pdf |

FLL Gym.pdf FLL Hair Stylist.pdf FLL Health & Fitness.pdfFLL Home Maintenance.pdf |

FLL Inflatables.pdfFLL Jeweler.pdf | FLL Law Enforcement.pdf | FLL Lawn Care.pdf |

FLL Musician.pdf | FLL Medical.pdf | FLL Restaurant/Menu of Love.pdf | FLL Restaurant Thanks.pdf |

FLL Senate/Congress.pdf | FLL Surf’s Up B&W.pdfFLL Surf’s Up Color.pdf |FLL Surgeon.pdf |

FLL Teacher/Educator.pdf |

Father’s Love Letter Versions for Special Occasions:

FLL Anniversary.pdf | FLL Birth Announcement.pdf | FLL Birthday.pdf | FLL Birthday Boy.pdf |

FLL Birthday Fun.pdf FLL Birthday Girl.pdfFLL Birthday Lollipop.pdf | FLL Birthday Princess.pdf |

FLL Birthday Song.pdf FLL Birthday Sports.pdfFLL Birthday Thoughts.pdf

FLL Funeral.pdf | FLL Graduation.pdf FLL Wedding.pdf |


Father’s Love Letter Versions For Ministry To All Types of People in Various Situations And Age Groups:

FLL Beauty For Ashes.pdf | FLL Biker.pdf  | FLL Children/Lifesaver Pop.pdf  | 

FLL Friends (Heart to Heart).pdf FLL Google Heaven.pdf | FLL On The Street.pdf |

FLL Prayer/Healing.pdf | FLL Rainbow.pdf | FLL Soaking.pdf | FLL The Shack.pdf

There are Over 100 Translations Available of Father’s Love Letter at 

For Your Convenience, a Few Translations, Often Asked for and Used on The First Coast are Posted  Here:

FLL Hebrew.pdf | FLL Russian.pdf | FLL Spanish.pdf |

Sleeves for Water Bottles and Cans, with Instructions & Sleeves 2 (Suggested Uses: Wrap around and secure on bottles and cans to give away at an outreach. Instructions included and located at the bottom of the download.)

Soul Winning Cards(Suggested Uses: Separate or cut to size, to give to waiters/waitresses and others. Also, punch a hole in the corner of each card, attach with string, ribbon, or strap ties onto various items, such as cans, bottles of drink, umbrellas, and other items to give away when reaching out to others with God’s love.)

Contact Hot Pursuit Ministries International for requests to minister on Father’s love in your area or for more information, for available products above, for designing a Father’s  Love Letter specifically for you or your ministry or business.

Deborah Fisher is available to share at your gathering, at churches, conferences, businesses and ministry groups. Some topics: ‘Knowing God As Father,’ ‘The Mother Heart of God,’ ‘Knowing Your True Identity,’ ‘Whose Son Are You?’,  ‘The Negative Effect of Fatherlessness (Meaning Orphaned in Heart), ‘Created by and in Love,’ ‘The Importance of Forgiveness,’ ‘Orphan or Son?’ and others. She also facilitates and teaches on times of ‘Lingering In His Presence’ (Soaking) You Can Email Directly at:

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