Thanksgiving and Christmas Father’s Love Letters

Father Loves You and Loving You Even Now!


And Many More Views are Available to Choose From!

Free Download of Father’s Love Letters to send or give out to friends and family for Thanksgiving and Christmas!

Download Instructions: The first page, of this two-sided document is the outside. The inside is the actual text of the letter, with 57 scriptures of Father God’s love for us, affirming us as children of God, with an invitation to join the family of God through Jesus, His son. The second page, the text, can be downloaded on the resource page of this web site by clicking on the image of the letter/text for Black and White or by clicking here. (Black and White) For a Color Version for the text, click here: (FLL Inside Red pdf).

(Easy Download Instructions: Print the selected outside version, preferably on a good quality, 24 lb. paper. Then place it back into the printer, in the correct direction, to print the inside, which is the text of Father’s Love Letter. This will create a two-sided document; when folded in half and in half again, it forms a card.)

Congratulations, you have now created a card for your encounters with neighbors, strangers, friends and family! Have Fun!

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