The Forgotten Feminine

Book The Forgotten Feminine by Denise Jordan

‘The Forgotten Feminine’ by Denise Jordan

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In The Forgotten Feminine, Denise Jordan, of Fatherheart Ministries, Taupo, New Zealand, offers a prophetic perspective that has long been forgotten in the history of Christianity. She clearly and passionately presents the fuller understanding that God is both masculine and feminine and that we are created fully in His image as male and female. She shows us that the war being waged by the enemy against femininity is for a very specific reason, that is, to destroy the image of God. She teaches us about God’s mothering heart to comfort and nurture His children. This book is timely and relevant, as God is beginning to pour His love into the foundations of the Church as it was in the beginning.

It is written in a fusion of theology, story and reflection to bring a deeper revelation of God to the human heart.